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My Opinion Article
In the memory lane 2011 Part I
Robert Alvarado
Happy, happy Christmas, which makes the illusions we remember from our childhood, I remember my grandfather the joys of his youth, and transport the traveler to your fireplace and your sweet home! Charles Dickens

The man who keeps all the memories of his life, good or be bad and sometimes we combine in our memory what makes one last thing. Things to remember an event through an object that gives life to the recipient you remember. At this time they did nominate the events shake the Venezuelans and are in our memory. Those who succeeded in 2011 and were published in this column so I'll start to get out of this trunk all those memories, I hope you like and hope others do not bother with the truth, which we will discuss it in two parts by the limited space I have. We opened in 2011 with the first prize winner of Gold Tarzan with the installation of the new National Assembly elected deputies. See how they run the breast, the Chavistas, on January 5 when installing a new joint assembly ... I saw came from various parts of speech in which many called for the release of the deputies and Biagio Mazuco the installation of the AN. Many of them shouted to them out the dirty laundry in the sun as did the deputy Earle Herrera, who began the debate by disqualifying AN opposition lawmakers and responding to his counterpart Alfonso Marquina. Herrera said this "... You have no political or moral authority to give us lessons of democracy ..." followed the speech with a look of hatred anger towards Marquina saying ... the Assembly had given voice to Yon Marquina Goicoichea and you will take my seat. "That's what separates us from the party ..." followed but a mild language and praise to the guerrilla commander Ramirez "... You have no authority to prove anything to our presidential candidate Rojas Soto because you took to his brother from a helicopter ... "as they always end with shouts of" murderers ", which was supported by the rest of the lawmakers ... After Rep. Julio Montoya, said a few sentences very successful as he left the swearing in and first session of parliament expressed" the AN was used to silence, but now it's over, "said something to certainly consider it more accurate to describe what had happened within the new National Assembly and was giving the" Golden Tarzan "for that member Gindara is better ...
Following this memory lane talking about something titled Mazuco by Claudio Enrique Macías case Briceño aka "Chicho Heads" who was arrested in Maracaibo, the August 7, 2007, by Regional Police officers, when he was caught extorting and intimidating the owner of a workshop in San Francisco County. I could talk to each deputy Mazuco relatives is that he thinks his case is clearly political. This at first glance that the installation of the National Assembly were notably absent Biaggio Mazuco and who were prisoners at the time and some of their conversations that impressed me in his own words "... I maintain permanent conversations with God, I pray and ask him the country's situation improves, you run out of hatred and violence among Venezuelans who do not continue the injustice against any citizen only be done, what he feels, thinks and says ... "Mazuco know that God will give the blessing out of this a carving, with the support of your brothers and your beloved son Angel Gabriel Sánchez Piña and your wife Maria Romero Piña Chiquinquira (Mariita), who has 21 years of marriage, eating the green and ripe, well your other family members. I know you will succeed José Sánchez Montiel zulianos as you say "Mazuco." Who knew the day December 23, 2011 for his release before the media hopefully heal and return to his seat for the New Year?
I keep getting out of this trunk on Chavez's confrontation with Banco Provincial in that chain was a call to the bank president, Pedro Rodriguez, and during the conversation with the banker said, "I'm on national TV and I'll repeat: if the bank is not willing to comply with laws you start to give me the bank, I pay, does that answer anything? (...) he is asking me to put your voice I say chain can go on VTV whenever I want "... followed the Chavez and said," or you comply with the law or the bank gives me (...) I will not argue with you, he is saying that the information is not correct (as indicated by the buyers of San José del Avila). You are involved like it or not, take responsibility, unless you want to accomplish this I will buy the bank, I have no problems and gave it to me (...) is not for sale, but you know I can expropriate ". In view of the threats made to the Bank Hugo Chavez began his saver in the afternoon to take their savings from the bank for fear of bank intervention After the chain was then, minutes later, Chavez made a new contact VTV to call for calm and not let that go with the campaign of rumors, "and started saying that would be involved, you will damage the system, destabilizing. The bank will assume their responsibility." He commented that "Mr. (Rodriguez) is a bit haughty, chain wanted to leave, I had to put in place." Rodriguez which the Lord had the right to reply in the same chain as the president use to discredit the Bank and tell the country the truths that he could say on behalf of that bank.
Take something from this trunk is the crisis in CORPOELEC. For years, residents of Barinas had a problem unless the rest of the population: the power supply. The service provided by a subsidiary of CADAFE CADEL, state enterprise (in a decentralized command structure), while not perfect big business, and was regular and reliable. This early 2008, when the company CADAFE and other private power companies in the country were unified into a single name nationalized CORPOELEC. Since then, the rest of the Barinas have begun to experience what the rest of the country already knew: blackouts and irregular supply. The energy crisis also affects workers who work for this utility. Who sent me some discomfort by e-mail that has them and seek a voice to tell them your complaints and out into the open
Memories that a trunk bag reward the dictator received by President Hugo Chavez in Argentina, from the University of La Plata, also received Evo Morales. I think both were awarded to close the media, journalists pursuing and clubbing. A dictator that name should have the native Sabaneta qualifies his political adversaries as enemies to be crushed. Who to spend the money of Venezuela and its allies distribute this so-called ALBA and give a prize related Rodolfo J. Walsh. You could not make an award as popular communicator; rather they should condemn his action to communicate to the people hatred and resentment, which has led to the Venezuelan state of tension in the country ever known. The University of La Plata was wrong. Plate University lives up to its name ... Viva La Plata!
Some of these memories is that students born from Barinas an organization fighting for human rights called Operation Freedom Salen led by Lorent took to the streets in defense of freedom of political prisoners in the country since the beginning of the year when you bet with a hunger strike at the headquarters of the OAS. These achievements in the struggle of the young students were the freedom of Members Cur up Biagio Pilieri and Freddy. From there they were to release to the east of the country to demand the release of the miners' leader William Saud. These same students were chained at the Palace of Justice of Puerto Ordaz calling for his release of Saud and reached its goal with this release and saw the release of Brigadier General (Army) Delfin Gomez Parra. These young people were evacuated on two occasions, several days ago, in an act of police abuse that ended with 6 of them wounded and 7 prisoners, shows that the government acts without gall human rights and the police hierarchy, are no more than mere oppressors, enemies of the innocent people of Barinas. These actions of Brigadier General (GN) Giuseppe Oliveri Cacioppo, Director General of Police of the State of Barinas, I do remember a person named Pedro Estrada, the henchmen of the dictatorship of General Marcos Perez Jimenez.
This trunk bag a memory that hurts me when I remember 4 years without RCTV. Four years of outrage, of a people was hurt to see the extent of those awful rotten minds to close RCTV. A medium flavored people ... Chavez took our control and we turned off our TV channel seen by most Venezuelans. In those moments of anxieties artists, journalists, entertainers, managers and workers at the station hugged and wept and sang the national anthem with his eyes on the screens shortly before the image disappears from the channel 2 signal of the VHF band in order the government. The licensing of private television transmission of the nation's oldest, founded in 1953, the day May 28. It had been announced months ago in the salute to the Armed Forces of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez made the end of the year, served as a forum for the president to announce the revocation of the concession to RCTV television plant did with all the gusto of close the world's oldest canal Venezuela. Journalists and NGOs on Friday commemorating four years of the exhaust channel Radio Caracas Television (RCTV), stating that it was a discriminatory measure, the Venezuelan government. Do not renew the concession, since, according to Hugo Chavez, the private channel is "coup" and encouraged acts of political instability in recent years. The Minister of Information and Communication William Lara RIP justified the measure, although the majority of Venezuelan society opposed to its demise.
Term of this trunk taking a topic titled: Behind a pelvic abscess when we were surprised with the news that he said Venezuela's Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro reported from Havana, Cuba, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez had surgery on a pelvic abscess that required emergency surgery. Maduro read a statement that was broadcast by Venezolana de Television (VTV) in which he explained that the president was recovering and still do not know when to return to Venezuela. This is not a disease, is a ball, "said in the vernacular" as a pimple or pimple, but bigger. It's an infection that can occur anywhere on the body, characterized by the presence of pus. This is an infection in the pelvic region in this area are contained various organs and the absence of specification of what is involved, it is impossible to diagnose from a distance. The experts consulted agreed that it is a condition that occurs more frequently among females; however, it is not strange to appear in men. The most common causes are manifested in a pelvic abscess or perforated appendicitis is diverticula in the rectum, is the body's defense to be "attacked" by an appendicitis. That's what happened to the president, and since I cannot return to his country preferred the physician to the Fidel Castro intervene as this doctor, his eyes closed is left to operate. The question in this case many Venezuelans Who pays all expenses in the use of state resources to operate Chavez? I wonder if any other Venezuelan acting can go using the presidential plane, leaving his family in 5 star hotels and operating a clinic without blackouts. Will other Venezuelans have to pull out of our pocket if we have such attention? Will he pay all this money from the presidency? Do you earn enough to pay the president a private plane to go to Cuba and operated? See how the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, have used a state police helicopter to attend a baseball game in which he played one of his sons, who studies high school tucked away in a mess because of using a helicopter even said he may lose his political career. It will be here and we used our country to be the property of Hugo Chavez and nothing is done about it. That after so much pressure it had to leave before Hugo Chavez media to tell his version of events which actually was suffering and it was cancer as seen friend Hugo Chavez let bad stopped the driver of the chancellery.
Many things we can talk and get to light for us to remember our memories but some want to look for titles such as: Pran of Miraflores Miraflores One woman, the monster of Avila, who is the blackmailer?, The Peter Estrada de Barinas in the operation Javu Resists freedom of Caaez Judgement Day, Operation Freedom in Barinas, What is happening in Yaracuy The new way to strike Corpoelec Mount Calvary; What is said in Corpoelec, Arias I won "The Golden Tarzan" among others. I will continue taking the second part II of what I said around 2011 in my column and Merry Christmas...
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